Abraham dating

Farrah Abraham, 25, and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran, 28, love keeping fans on the edge of their seat, and that’s especially true around Valentine’s Day!Everyone was dying to know whether or not she and her beau were back together for good when she started flaunting the engagement ring that was the root of their 2016 breakup. “No, I’m still waiting for her to propose,” Simon tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.Related: Farrah Abraham Puts Her reunion stage last December to take a swipe at Farrah Abraham.

Abraham dating

“With Simon, when I met him, I stopped doing my tours and stopped traveling.

He has his own reasons for fights and arguments that I couldn’t deal with, so I stopped some things.” “Now, I’m starting to take up tours again and I’m traveling more and that’s just a part of Farrah that has to be there,” Abraham continued. “I was single before I met Simon, and I was very good at being single.

Farrah dumped Simon because she bought herself a diamond ring thinking he would propose and pay her back for it, but he never did.

It seems like he saw the entire situation differently.

“I’m back to my good old self.” Abraham was recently linked to on-again off-again boyfriend Saran for more than two years, but it just wasn’t working out for the couple.

“I dedicated some time to him and I think I just need to move on,” Farrah said.There are several stages to life as a reality TV star: First, there's the Snoo Kylie period, in which you're sitting on top of the world, setting trends, and pulling in six figs just for showing up places.Sadly, not long after that, most stars hit the "tonight at on VH1" phase of their careers, in which no one cares what they're doing unless they're going through some sort of rehabilitation or banging another D-lister.In case you were worried about, Farrah's mental state these days, fear not.She's still spouting Palin-esque gibberish with the best of them." CLICK HERE to view "MTV Movie & TV Awards 2017: All The Red Carpet Pics! While some of the show's cast have made complete 180s, you might be unsurprised to see which stars keep making the same mistakes!

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