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is really an instruction manual on how to navigate the Jewish dating world written in the guise of a children’s book. That she should not change in order to please anyone – because she is fine just the way she is. She will learn as much as she can from as many animals as she can.

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Sara, thank you for sharing this sweet advice with us. Never, I mean , ask a girl on a date through a text, instant message, or email. Sometimes the best dates are simple, like a picnic in the park.

— Dear Son, Dating is a tricky thing and doing it right is difficult. And who your wife is will determine your future family and so forth and so on. Here are a few expectations I have for you when it comes to dating:1. You should always make sure you take her to a place you know she will feel comfortable & enjoy.

She realizes that her baby is about to hatch and hurriedly flies into the distance in order to ready some food. They had absolutely no similar interests and although she entertains him for a bit with her antics, she says goodbye soon after and promptly moves on. Not to be deterred, the chick then questions a Hen, followed by a Cow. (It’s funny, because the next day she meets a Grasshopper who tells her that she is too large and too wide and too quiet. Was she too large and too wide or too small and too tiny? ” This chick has looked into more eyes and asked the same questions and told the same stories about her childhood and the same jokes more times then she can count on her fingers (that is if chicks had fingers). ” Yes, you funny little thing, of course you have a mother. She will expect her mother to enter her life at any moment, but she will not become despondent if this does not happen.

The story line is simple: one morning, a mother bird feels her egg shaking. Our young chick never knew that such boring animals could exist. She will utilize her alone time to transform the world and herself for the better.

Having married my father at the age of 23, she feels that she has little understanding of the modern dating world and all the crazies it has to offer (needless to say, this blog is a perennial question mark in her mind).

The best lesson I learned from my mother was by watching her in action.

She glances this way and that and sits patiently for a bit. You are a bird and you are my mother.” And they lived happily ever after…

And he lifts her up and through her dejection shows her that she is capable, not only of surviving by herself, but that she can thrive as well. He helps her realize that it is okay to be too small and too tiny and too loud. She can survive alone for a bit and she will have a fantastic time doing it.

Years later, when we moved to a bigger apartment where my parents had a real bedroom and a queen-sized bed, my father still continued ask my mother to “prepare” his bed.

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