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Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

A boundary is a personal property line that marks those things for which we are responsible. John Townsend offer biblically-based answers to these and other tough questions, showing us how to set healthy boundaries with our parents, spouses, children, friends, co-workers, and even ourselves.

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Telescoping the ‘soft luminosity ‘of the Titirangi night against the delirium or altered states of Mc Cahon’s harsh nocturnal disprientation, which culminated in the ghost gums of Centennial Park.

Pixellating Mc Cahon/s ‘little squares technique’, Reynolds wishes to squint his eyes in contemplation of both these geographies, and a dream aesthetic, where forms prolong and multiply themselves.

is the second exhibition from Reynolds’ larger, ongoing exploration of Colin Mc Cahon’s ‘missing hours’ when Mc Cahon tragically went missing in the Botanical Gardens on the eve of the launch of his 1984 Sydney Biennale satellite retrospective .

He was found the next day disoriented and with no identification, five kilometers away in Centennial Park. Sometimes exhibitions decide to happen in their ontologies, and like Fluxus, they drop into our realities through the air.

That is the one true measure of a friend, a person with whom you like to spend time, having no regard to how you are spending it. And that, long-term, requires character, and in the deepest of friendships, shared values as well.

You would want your best friends to be honest, faithful, deep, spiritual, responsible, connecting, growing, loving, and the like.

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T S Ellot Sixty odd years ago while living in Titirangi’s French Bay, Colin Mc Cahon briefly adopted the habit of rising early at dawn, and as Gordon Brown relates, ‘he would then contemplate the bush with all the intensity he could muster so that the forms of the trees would dematerialize while his sense of spatial depth diminished.’ At its most intense, Mc Cahon likened this illusionary effect to that of the blind man mentioned in Mark’s Gospel who on first receiving his sight, saw “men as trees, walking.”With Reynolds blurs the kaleidoscopic rhapsodies of Mc Cahon’s mid-century French Bay nightscapes with an imagined darker vision from those lost hours when he traversed the street and landscapes of Woolloomooloo nearly thirty years later.

Don't let people step on you, this book will help you realize people that will make relationships particularly hard, when to get out of those, and how to conduct yourself so that you don't become that person.

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