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In 2007, she began dating Chase Crawford from Chase was the Carrie Underwood boyfriend for two years before they broke up via text messaging.There is still some discussion about who initiated the break-up.In that short span, rising from obscurity (even here in Dallas) to national prominence, he had acted out the emotional highs and lows of heroes from Shakespeare’s Prince Hal to Homer’s Hector, and he had done it against the backdrop of the vast host of nameless nobodies among whom he could easily have remained.

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“You start to understand that all the talk and noise really don't matter. You have to keep getting better; your team will keep getting better, and you'll have a chance.”Born in San Diego, California, in 1980, Tony Romo was a lightly regarded high school quarterback in Wisconsin.

He was bypassed in the 2003 NFL draft despite winning the Walter Payton Award as the nation's top I-AA player, but joined the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent.

The public met and fell in love with Carrie Underwood in 2005.

She became a favorite with her fresh American looks and dynamic voice.

Romo began putting in long hours to improve his play, progressing enough to win the Walter Payton Award as the nation's top Division I-AA player after passing for 3,165 yards and 34 touchdowns as a senior.

Bypassed in the 2003 NFL draft, he nevertheless drew interest from several teams as a free agent before signing with the Dallas Cowboys.

Before auditioning for American Idol, Underwood sang in her home church, for local events, and to her cows on her family’s Oklahoma farm.

She had been offered a contract by Capitol Records at the age of 14, but the offer was retracted when the company was sold.

It'll be interesting to see if he's able to be lured back to the game when teams start hitting the field for preseason action. I'm committed to CBS." Romo also acknowledged teams will call him this season.

Romo is free to sign with any team since he was released. "He will miss it in August." King did a podcast with Romo last summer and believes the "passion and excitement" for playing still runs deep in Romo. Despite the mostly strong words, Romo refused time and again to say he was 100 percent retired. Romo will immediately slide in opposite Jim Nantz, replacing a much-maligned Phil Simms.

After winning American Idol, she graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern State University in Tehlaquah, Oklahoma in 2006 with a degree in mass communication. During college she had a long time relationship with Drake Clark.

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