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Tashi and I, classmates from prim Bromley Grammar, had for some time been secretly aware of David Bowie, aka local lad Davie Jones.

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Born 1942 in Lancashire, England, the guitarist was already very active even before The Police (with Sting and Stewart Copeland); Andy Summers worked among others with The Animals, Soft Machine, Robert Fripp and Eberhard Schoener.*1946 in Dresden.

Came to Germany in 1961 won a big talent competition in 1966 and played in beat bands.

Worked as a DJ, MC and male model in fashion shows since 1967.

Hits: “Deine himmelblauen Augen” , “Laß mich nie allein”, “Der Mondschein schien schon schön”, “Man kann nicht alle Mädchen küssen”, “Alle Mädchen”, “Oh, oh, Valentine”*1922 †1979 Mingus was probably the most important bandleader, composer and instrumentalist on double bass of 60s and 70s jazz.

Wendy's Leigh's biography as a result, was nothing short of intriguing.

One of the most inventive, imaginative and singular voices in rock & roll for over four decades, Bowie's music reverberated with mystery & curiosity which gave his followers a new dimension in the era, that was alien to them before or even so many years after.

The author's untiring and elaborate research around Bowie's life is evident from the 267 pages written for his biography.

For millions of rock aficionados like me born later, details about his personal life and adventures were nothing short of beguiling and it was difficult to not finish the book at one go primarily because of the weaving of his personal events juxtaposed with is professional sensation.

In 1969 as a smitten schoolgirl, Lesley-Ann Jones knocked on David Bowie's door.

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