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The results show that motives with a distinctly social focus dominate among the reasons for creating a profile in SNS.

However, visible gender differences occur in the reasons for selecting particular profile images.

Students then manage this portfolio for the rest of the school year (their trades and portfolio statistics are automatically tracked). Common to these studies is that agents acquire private information that is valuable to other parties. It provides a vehicle for supplementing and integrating your knowledge of basic research tools and methods, as well as an exposure to the dimensions of contemporary research in the field of financial reporting. This course examines selected topics in accounting research.

Once their proposal is approved, each team will be given a $1 million paper portfolio. Our overall goal is not only to review existing research, but also to identify new research opportunities. Applications of Information Economics in Management and Accounting. This course develops tools from information economics to study the strategic interactions between agents inside a firm and between firm insiders and market participants. The purpose of this Ph D seminar is to facilitate your conception and execution of substantive individual research in financial reporting.

Generally this glossary lists the most common uses and meanings.

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Towards the end of Fall, student who choose to continue onto the Spring course (ACCT541) will form teams (of 4 to 6 each) and submit a proposal for a hedge fund product. The readings focus on research design, and key theories, themes and approaches from the accounting, finance, economics and psychology literature.

In the Fall quarter, we will cover some of the foundational skills needed to build and manage a portfolio of public stocks. The course readings include recent theoretical and empirical papers. Course topics include market efficiency, the role of accounting in providing information to investors, anomalies, alternative sources of information, accounting measurement attributes, earnings management, earnings quality, and the role of auditors in the provision of information to The course is interdisciplinary in nature.

For the most accurate information students should refer to the actual course scheduling information during registration each semester.

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