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Dress up all of these close friends for a long night of partying in the club and dancing in the street! There are a lot of obstacles that come between people, some are invisible and some you have to look dead in the eye while they break your heart.

Be they walls of glass, time, space and the heart yo...

With the funny game Love Tester you can find out if it's true love or only friendship.

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Who better to see the town with, learning about your own culture and that of another, than someone you’re attracted to?

Before you hop onto your mobile-dating shopping cart (Tinder), you have IRL options -- just freakin’ talk to her. It's basically 100 percent less sleazy if you meet a girl when the sun is shining. Who's more wholesome: The guy at Starbucks, or the guy at the club?

Women are after attractive men, too, and there's nothing like feeling the traveler's spirit right at home. ” “Have you ever played King’s Cup/Ring of Fire/Bullsh! ” “If there's one place I have to see while I’m here, what is it?

” Between those and “where are you from” or “wait, can you say your name again, I’ve never heard that”, you've got enough ammo.

The trip was seamless and chill -- more so than any trip I've been on with friends.

Travel forms a bond between two people or drives them apart -- solidifying any on-the-fence feelings you might have.

) trip within driving distance so you have an escape if necessary.) Unless you book separate rooms, traveling with your S. You're about to learn quickly whether your boo can read a situation, problem-solve, and handle his or her shit in any circumstance. Communication is essential to the health of any relationship.

And nowhere will these skills be tested quite like while traveling together.

(This is also inspired by Rosemarie Urquico’s Date a Girl who Reads) This is my reply…

She is the one with the sun kissed skin and lightly scattered freckles. She doesn’t dote on possessions but rather treasured experiences.

There is an article doing the rounds online at the moment called “Don’t date a girl who travels”.

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