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A Report Part is an element of an existing report that can be published to the report server and made available for reuse in other reports.Examples of report items that can be published as report parts are charts, gauges, images, maps, parameters, rectangles, tables, matrices, and lists (see the MDSN article Publishing Report Parts for additional details).Also, I tried to delete the subreport and to remove the links, but all the attempts are not successful.

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Maybe start by explaining why you are using this many parameters. Are they used simply to be displayed on the report or used to filter data?

Are you using all these parameters for 5 diffreent subreports or are you spreading them over 5 subreports? I'm not sure if it has been patched yet, but it has been fixed in SSRS 2012.

In this tip I will discuss Report Parts and Subreports in the form of a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

For additional details on report parts and subreports, please refer to the earlier tips Getting Started with Report Parts in SQL Server Report Builder 3.0 and Create Centralized Report Headers Using Subreports in Reporting Services.

However, the problem is that if I make any changes to the subreport (and then save it), when I re-run my master report the new changes arent propagated.

So all I can see is the same subreport within my master report as when i first started :( Have tried making sure all elements are saved before executing report, disabled a cache setting I saw, but to no avail.

The cancel, previouse, Next and Finish buttons are disabled on the sureport source form.

Hi there, I have used the tutorial found at: Report_...

I'm quite new to i Report so I'm sure I'm doing something stupid - hope someone could help me out here. I have found, in the most recent 2 versions of i Report, that this is not the case.

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