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At the time of the 2011 census, Adelaide had a population of 1.23 million.

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Where your hidden camera is set up, those who may want to break rules or laws will have their guards down, thinking they are in a CCTV blind spot, and allowing you to catch them in the act.

It's always nerve-wracking leaving your child in the hands of another person; even if that person is a close friend or relative.

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If you use a CCTV system for home or business monitoring, adding hidden cameras to that system is the perfect way to cover blind spots.

While CCTV cameras act as a visual deterrent, once employees, nannies, or criminals learn their placement, it's easy for them to figure out ways to exploit the setup.

A wireless video receiver is INCLUDED with EVERY Custom Wireless Camera! We can turn virtually ANY clock into a hidden camera using new clocks or even clocks that you already own!

These two DIY wireless hidden camera kits (left) may be used in a system with all of the Wireless Custom Series hidden cameras on this page (below). Working Fans and Air Cleaners make great hidden cameras because they don't look out of place, they are easily positioned to capture the best view of the room, and they can be moved from one room to another. Designed so that the fans work and the cameras work even if the fans are turned off. Call (800)618-7491 option 2 for more information on custom clock hidden cameras or any other custom items.

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