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I feel good now on the other side of it.” “But at first I was like ‘Oh God.’ If we do this right it’s so basic, it’s so fundamental, it’s so young. I know that feeling and that is so familiar to me to feel something so hard and have to go into work and say ‘Good Morning,’ and not show emotions,” she says. You don’t even know me.” The movie star goes on to say of celebrity and fame, “It’s weird. It’s like this whole other form of entertainment, which I get. I think I can find a little bit of comfort in that and know that people know that.

And the subject matter, Stewart says, also relates to the way people sometimes expect her to live according to their wishes. I just wish that people saw through it a little bit more. I think people understand that.” “It’s like something bad happens to you.

Michael Angarano has fallen for another one of his costars!

A source confirms to Us Weekly that Angarano -- Kristen Stewart's boyfriend before Robert Pattinson -- is now dating actress Juno Temple, whom he met on the set of The Brass Teapot.

Wearing a red top, black pants and a necklace she designed for her jewelry collection Mattlin Era, stopped in at the French Market Flee Market where she bought some art work before heading back to her hotel.

had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival last weekend.

Both of them, you can criticize each character for being weak because they give it all up for a man.

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