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The Conventional Wisdom: Men Prefer Large Breasts But apparently, I’m in the minority.

Her research took her to Mali, West Africa, where she attempted to explain the western eroticization of breasts.

Those she fell into conversation with regarded the behavior as "unnatural," even "perverted.” They seemed to have a hard time believing that "men would become sexually aroused by women’s breasts, or that women would find such activities pleasurable.”Years earlier, anthropologist Clellan Ford and ethnologist Frank Beach conducted a study of 191 cultures.

Then you can concentrate on other qualities in a man without having to wonder if he has what it takes to make you happy.

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While small boobs attracted and held some men’s attention, most men gazed at the women with medium to large breasts.

(Many women complain that men talk to their breasts, not to their faces.) The bra industry supports the idea that bigger is better.

London: Women who have bigger breasts get more requests for dates, said a British study.

Reporting a case study, the Mail Online said that a woman received 34% more matches on Tinder dating App after she digitally enhanced her cleavage, compared with an identical profile for the same girl with smaller breasts.

Such is the common men’s law: not to let each other doubt that the bigger breasts are the better it is.

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