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It is widely believed that nearly everyone lies on a regular basis.

In an interview with ABC News in 2002, University of Virginia sociologist Bella De Paulo remarked that some lying is necessary in everyday life.

After a short hiatus from the world of online dating (because it sucks, you guys), I'm back with more tales of hilarity. There is no point in lying on your profile about things that are obvious within five minutes of meeting you in person. Why contact me and bother discussing meeting up and dating if you live two thousand miles away? It's a tad creepy when we've exchanged three messages, tops, and you're calling me "baby" and talking about moving to my area because "nothing's keeping me here anyway".

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Wray Herbert wrote in an article, "How to Catch a Liar: The Cognitive Clues to Deceit", "Most of us can spot barely more than half of all lies and truths through listening and observation."Spotting a liar isn't easy.

Your own suspicions can get in the way of getting to the truth.

Let this guy’s foolish decision function as a cautionary tale for all our online daters.

You may not be stupid enough to lie about your height or say you’re an FBI agent when you actually work security at the mall, but there are plenty of other ways you can exaggerate in an attempt to sell yourself as something you’re not.

My friend Lisa was doing online dating for at while, and at one point she was matched with a guy online who seemed pretty promising.

One question she always dealt with early on was height. After emailing for a while longer, they agreed to meet up at a coffee shop.

For example: Now, to be clear, I’m not calling out people who simply pick a nice profile picture or strategically share their positive attributes.

Anyone who’s dating — online or otherwise — has to do a little self-promotion, so I don’t blame people who put their best foot forward.

You roll your eyes and move on but you might also catch yourself wondering why you're single, and when you're going to find your match. population consisted of single adults, which has increased from 48% in 2011.

The good news is: there are a lot of single people in America. But how are your friends finding relationships beyond a Netflix subscription? As more people are becoming comfortable using online dating sites, it's quite possible your chances of finding your match are only a few clicks away. Here are 10 online dating statistics you should know: With so many dating websites and apps out there, it's now normal to use online dating to meet someone.

No.), occupation (a paralegal is not a lawyer, and the guy who keeps the books for a sketchy bowling alley is not an accountant), and general appearance (we're gonna know it if that photo was taken in 1996, gentlemen).

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