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For more information about other districts in North Carolina, visit the NC Conference of District Attorneys website. The DA respresents the State of North Carolina in all criminal matters. The DA cannot advise you as to whether you need a lawyer.

The DA’s Office in Mecklenburg County is the largest in North Carolina and prosecutes more cases than any other jurisdiction in the state. 4) Will the DA advise me regarding the possible effect a traffic ticket will have on my driver's license privileges or insurance points? The DA is not allowed to do so; the DA represents the State of North Carolina as the prosecutor. There are not enough judges, clerks, or courtrooms to conduct a jury trial for the thousands of cases prosecuted each year in Mecklenburg County.

confrontation clause analysis, testimonial hearsay statements by witnesses who do not appear at trial cannot be admitted unless the prosecution shows unavailability and a prior opportunity for cross-examination.

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11) If the police have probable cause to arrest someone, why does the DA not always prosecute the case? 17) I am a victim of a crime, but I want to drop the charges; what can I do? 19) I would like a potential crime investigated; whom should I contact? 26) Where can I get a criminal background check completed?

16) How can I look up a defendant's next court date and courtroom? 25) Can someone else appear for me on my court date?

Below are many frequently asked questions concerning the court system. 8) I wish to file a complaint about my defense attorney. 9) I have a defense attorney, but I want to talk to the DA myself. 12) How many cases per year does your office handle? 20) To whom should I direct my question about jury duty? 27) Where can I get information about traffic school? 29) Where do I go to sign up for deferred prosecution, CBI (cognitive behavior interventions), or drug education class?

No information contained in this section, or any other section, of our website is intended to be legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship. 13) How many courtrooms in the Mecklenburg County Courthouse are designated for criminal cases? 21) I often hear the terms "chronic offender," "habitual offender," "repeat offender," and "habitual felon." What do these terms mean? 30) What forms of payment are accepted when paying for a traffic ticket?

The other prosecutors in each district are called Assistant District Attorneys (ADAs) and they are hired by the DA. The state legislature defines the prosecutorial districts and determines how many ADAs each DA may hire to work in his/her district.

For a list of all elected District Attorneys in North Carolina, visit the NC Conference of District Attorneys website. The DA for the 26th Prosecutorial District prosecutes all criminal matters that occur within Mecklenburg County.

The aforementioned actions could also form the factual basis for the common law offense of obstruction of justice.

There are two variations of obstruction: the Class 1 misdemeanor variety, which is punishable by a maximum sentence of 120 days, and the Class H felony variety, which is punishable by a maximum prison sentence of 20-33 months.

The recent case of is the first North Carolina case to apply the forfeiture by wrongdoing exception.

In that case, the defendant was charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping.

Holman was arrested by detectives at Fayetteville and Pilot Street on Thursday, sheriff's officials said. Hunt is on trial for felony assault and possession of a firearm by a felon.

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