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But the big question is: are you blindly re-pinning? but annoying (and potentially harmful) on the inside. Here are five types of pins you shouldn’t re-pin: There are few Pinteresty things more maddening than finding a great recipe, how-to or what not, then clicking on it and having it go to someone’s home page. If it’s an omg-gotta-have-that-pin type of pin then I might bother to search for the post on their site.

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Next, open your Pinterest i OS or Android app and tap the pop up with a button to Pin the link you copied. With this IFTTT recipe (If This Then That) recipe, whenever you favorite something on Etsy, it will automatically post it to your preferred Pinterest board.

IFTTT is a website that connects different Internet services together and automates tasks.

You’ll be happy with yourself too when you go back to try out the recipe and can actually find it. This problem used to be worse until Pinterest caught on and instituted a 500-character limit to a pin description.

While that curbed some of it, I still see pins like this.

Saving an Instagram pic is so easy with the Pinterest app.

First, tap the More button (...) below the image, then select Copy Share URL.What is it about Pinterest that keeps users signing up and coming back?The combination of a beautiful interface and compelling content is the key to Pinterest’s success.Want to know how to grow your presence on Pinterest? The easiest thing you can do to grow your presence on Pinterest is to get into the habit of pinning consistently.While this tip may seem simple, it’s where most people fail with social media marketing.This probably doesn’t come as a shocker but about 80% of pins on Pinterest are re-pins.

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