Playlists selected for updating no longer exist

However, as you add new content over time, particularly with the additional video content now supported by i Tunes, you may soon find that your library threatens to take over your computer.

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I have browsed for support on this simple topic for days and have never come across a definite answer, so here's my question: What is the easiest way to refresh the media library?

I ask this because when people constantly move music into the specified music folder or rip cds into the music folder, it is nice to have a media library that is in sync with their music folder. It was tedious, but effective in the past, UNTIL that stopped working-- and in like sense, scenarios where there were manually deleted albums within the music folder itself still showed up AND AS CORRUPT in Winamp, (not able to be played back because a path had changed or been removed or the like).

A preference to shut this off, which I couldn’t find, would be great.

I listen often to the curated Apple music playlists and add some of them to My Music.

With the registered version of Spins you can: In the back of my mind I had a notion that something wasn’t quite right when I posted this on Sunday.

Change Hidden i Tunes Preferences, which now includes the ability to hide the new “Ping” buttons, had a problem hiding the old-style arrow links under certain conditions. If your i Tunes library is being shared on your local network, when you quit i Tunes you will get an alert box which “reminds” you that I suppose this is fine, and my wife will appreciate this if she’s watching my Mac’s media on our Mac mini TV, but if an Apple Script tells i Tunes to quit Right Now, the alert requires user to click a button, which 1) may defeat the intention of an unattended quit, 2) could screw up a script if the user chooses “Don’t Quit”, and 3) is annoying in general.

As well as adding new features and updates, we review existing features to see if they're still beneficial to the community.

As we dug into the best ways for curators to connect with artists and fans, we found that Groups aren't working as well as reposts and curated playlists.

If your application relies on Groups, please update it by August 22nd, 2016.

For most users, i Tunes does a great job of handling all of the details of managing your media library for you, allowing you to manage your content through i Tunes itself and not having to worry too much about the underlying files and folders that make up your i Tunes library.

Winamp can provide dozens of ways to enjoy digital media.

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