Priyanka and ranbir dating Sexy girl age 19 chat room

Keeping their personal notions aside, they came together for this plum project and it looked like the dusky actress had moved on with her perception of her co-star.

Priyanka and ranbir dating

They told her to come to Los Angeles and then they could figure something out.

Pee Cee was not sure, but she took the leap, flew to America a few months later and was on a month long paid vacation.

Last night, Priyanka Chopra graced the Koffee couch and we have to say she was on fire.

The actress was not only at her candid best, but like everyone else she made quite a few shocking revelations too.

co-star Ranbir Kapoor and will be the hosts of the 59th Filmfare awards this year.

Considering that the duo bagged many awards last year for their film, it will be interesting to catch their chemistry this time around on a different platform.They gave her a fantastic offer to work in a Television show, but she declined it.A few days later, the VP again told her to think about it.But we cannot ignore the fact that he himself admitted of playing Piggy Chops’ assistant on the sets!It remains a debatable topic if such incidents be taken in a manner of frolic or as public, the starry and high-headed attitude of Priyanka prompted him to take such a decision.

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