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In the classic good-guy versus bad guy scenario, both the hero and villain can each be considered the other's foil, in that each acts to show how the other behaves in certain situations.

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While a student at the Murray Bergtraum High School for Business Careers, he co-founded A Tribe Called Quest with fellow students Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Phife (Malik Taylor) in 1988.

The following year, Q-Tip guested on De La Soul's groundbreaking 3 Feet High and Rising LP, with the two groups forever linked through their association with the Native Tongues collective.

This would probably have been a bell pit although seams of coal can be seen running along the beach cliffs. In 1663 the tithes were leased to John King (eldest son and heir apparent of Henry King, bishop of Chichester) for the lives of the said John King, Henry King (brother of the said John King, and second son of the said Henry, bishop of Chichester, and one of the gentlemen of the Kings Privy Chamber), and Mary King (eldest daughter of the said Bishop Henry King), at the yearly rent of 12 6s. In 1690 Isaac Houblon of London and Mary Windham of London, widow, were granted a lease of the tithes for the lives of Mary Windham (formerly Mary King), Henry Houblon (son of Isaac Houblon), and Dorothy Herbert (daughter of Mary Windham by her first husband, Richard Herbert), at the same rent as under the previous lease.

The inland coalmines were connected to the harbour by railway lines that ran through the village, and from 1829 onwards there were sailing vessels (and later on, steam vessels) coming in on every tide. In 1720 a lease of the tithes for 21 years was obtained by Nathaniel Morgan Schapter clerk at the same rent, and in 1741 John Philips of Kilgetty, Pems, Esq., paid a fine of 150 for a lease for 21 years at the rent of 12 6s. The last leaseholder for lives was Lord Milford, whose lease expired in 1815.

(One album, Kamaal the Abstract, was ready to roll into stores in 2002 when it was halted; it was finally released by Jive in 2009.) His sophomore set finally appeared in late 2008 and earned its title, The Renaissance.

In 2002, Jones launched her solo music career with the release of Come Away with Me, a commercially successful and critically acclaimed album that was a fusion of jazz with country music and pop.

I think it's the hormones or something because I feel fantastic.

The longtime MC with pioneering alternative hip-hop trio A Tribe Called Quest, rapper Q-Tip was born Jonathan Davis in New York City on November 20, 1970.

Good versus evil doesn't have to come into the picture at all.

Sometimes a foil is a flat or Bit Character, a secondary character that comes on stage, sparks a response, then fades from the story.

Norah Jones is currently dating Name Unknown - Norah Jones.

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