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No matter how hard you rev the engine, you just can’t get out of it. Why not look at this person you’ve committed yourself to, and decide today, that the past is the past, and there is nowhere to move but forward, together, and happy. Are you charting your own course of action or have you just accepted that this is your life? And if you have any tips that have kept your relationship out of a rut, please share them!

Then I think stepping back and taking a break makes a lot of sense.”Relate counsellor Denise Knowles told that for single people looking for a relationship, a sex detox will not necessarily help them find a partner but if they have already met someone it could prolong the 'getting to know each other' phase and judge how compatible they are.“If you are single and considering a sex detox, consider what you are doing it for.

If it’s a lifestyle choice or for religious reasons that’s your own personal choice but I wouldn’t necessarily say it will help you to find somebody," she says.

"If you are meeting somebody and saying 'I’m not going to jump into bed with them until I’ve got to know them' there’s nothing wrong in that.

By taking time to get to know somebody you are finding if you are compatible.”Earlier this month a writer called Tom Young wrote about his experience of a year without sex in an article forthat “the way that we talk about casual sex allows a lot of people to escape accountability when it comes to relationships and defining them”.

Step aside, Patti Stanger and Neil Clark Warren (er, e Harmony dude).

There's a new dating service in town — and this one's got two brilliant women behind it.

But there’s good news for the romantic in us all: You can tweak your dopamine levels so that even long-married couples can enjoy the erotic heat of a second honeymoon. Then half the couples completed a tedious task, while the others engaged in a new and exhilarating activity.

Afterwards, everyone completed the questionnaire again. The couples involved in the exciting activity reported greater relationship satisfaction, and said they felt more passionately in love. Here are four effective ways to boost your dopamine and break out of sexual ruts: 1. “This is standard relationship-enhancement advice,” says sex therapist Louanne Weston.

The answer may be more matter of chemistry than of romance. Dopamine, a chemical in our brains, is the key player in this drama. And you become obsessed with your object of desire. As the dopamine rises, so does testosterone, the hormone that fuels sexual desire in both men and women.

When people fall in love, their dopamine levels soar, causing all sorts of reactions: Your heart pounds. But over time — six months to a year or so — dopamine levels return to normal, and burning desire morphs from Fourth of July fireworks to Thanksgiving’s cozy affection. In one experiment, psychologists gave 28 couples questionnaires that explored their feelings for each other.

She specializes in couple’s therapy and is the founder of .

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