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Whether at home, in the office or while traveling, electronics have become a major part of our lives.

The interview opens with a description of their home, and the books on their coffee table, one of which was titled Great Stud-Farms of the World. I'll just be like, "Ah, I can't find something to wear." I get so worked up every time I'm rushing; I get annoyed with rushing. It's a very specific smell – not a bad-breath smell – but something that is really strong." KW: I love her nude selfies. I feel like it's almost a Renaissance thing, a painting, a modern version of a painting. I always flat-out lie that he's jet-lagged, even if we've been home for months. KW: I think about things to put them in a place where I don't have to think about them anymore.

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The story of American English is one of eternal rises and falls in reputation, and Bailey, the author of several books on English, traces our assorted ways of speaking across the country, concentrating on a different area for each 50-year period, starting in Chesapeake Bay and ending in Los Angeles.

We are struck by the oddness of speech in earlier America.

The following lists slang borrowings from the Nguni Bantu languages (which include Zulu and Xhosa).

They typically occur in use in South Africa's townships, but some have become increasingly popular amongst white youth.

A challenge for a book like Bailey’s, however, is the sparseness of evidence on earlier forms of American English.

This list of "Afrikanerisms" (referred to as "funagalore" - not to be confused with the created language Fanagalo which was used in the mines of South Africa (also known as RSA) to ensure workers from various language backgrounds could communicate) comprises slang words and phrases influenced by Afrikaans and other African languages.

Graduated with a Ph D in Psychology from UQ in 1997.

Lectured in Psychology and then Behavioural Studies on the Ipswich Campus of UQ.

Unless otherwise noted these words do not occur in formal South African English.

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Involved with teaching psychology also at the University of Indonesia.

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