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You have to subscribe, which means forking out cash.The other two turned out to be domestically abusive with serious drink issues.I never believed in soul mates but thanks to Smooch it has happened for me.

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WON A COMPETITION with this company 6 months ago, NEVER RECEIVED MY ITEM! I contacted the head office at SMOOCH and they were concerned that they were misleading customers.

they have the worst customer service I have ever delt with they told me that it got lost so they sent another NEVER RECEIVED this one either and then they don't reply to emails Definitely would not recommend to anyone "100% FREE" "START A FREE CONVERSATION TODAY". Search Google today, they still maintain that you can chat for free. i get emails saying i have been viewed or have messages from members which is false, i fell for it , paid the money to view and the members don't even exist in the 1st place, avoid this scam site at all costs , don't fall for it , there are many free sites out there and all are a thousand times better than this scam site Met some guys on here, one turned out to be married but claimed to be separated, he wanted to date me, sorry i meant use me, as long as i accepted him sleeping with the wife at the weekends, what a clown!!!

The art of kissing requires much practice to achieve perfection, but when you lack people to practice with, you can resort to practicing alone. There are two methods of practicing kissing alone: This method involves using a hand as a substitute for a kissing partner.• Step 1: In order to begin kissing your hand, you need to make a lip-prototype by using an arrangement of intertwined fingers and thumbs. Curl your left hand loosely to form the letter O with the thumb resting on top of the other fingers.• Step 2: Slide the right thumb in to the opening created by the left hand.

With each thumb, bending at the second joint, the arrangement will look like a pair of lips.• Step 3: Place your lips gently on the ‘lips' to get a feel of the skin.

well guess what that backfired for those ding dongs because now i dont trust them at all for snake moves like that.

i wont be joining smooch for that reason and all the other bad reviews.there are just too many scummy people out there anymore making dirtbag websites.I will create one and make it completely free and take all their business. has got to be the worst with its super high prices and minimum package deals that are ridiculous. and Top Asian, Asian Dating, Asian, Find Love and about 6 other are all the same site, the same owners with same singles base, they just use the same profile and database for all 11 sites.the only difference was that a different profile image and info was different for each copy of that review.Obviously its the smooch ":team" posing as general reviewers.Give your dating life the makeover it deserves, and find what you’re looking for today!

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