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As Mc Gregor Moffat's Irish accent was a little off-key but his attitude was perfect. The "Science Presentation" sketch was probably where Cena's knack for self-parody was put to the best use.

He played an eager but dimwitted college football star participating in a competition with two outstanding academic students.

There were a ton of jokes playing off Cena's hyper-masculine presence and meathead look, but the WWE star proved he has an excellent sense of humor about his image — and he does a pretty funny, over-the-top Rob Gronkowski imitation, as well.

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The panel was made up of Bennet, Pete Davidson and Crowe.

Cena's Gronk parody was on full display in a standout game show-style sketch titled "Where'd My Money Go." It was hosted by Kenan Thompson in full-on Charles Barkley mode and featured cast standout Andy Moynihan as golfer John Daly and Alex Moffat as Conor Mc Gregor.

Still, Mc Kinnon always brings it with her Hillary. Grade: BSkit 1: Preparation H commercial This one was great. Seems like the same old schtick when, BOOM, the REAL Al Sharpton shows up and trolls Keenan for being the “fat” version of himself.

Taran Killam and Beck Bennett were hilarious in a spoof of hemorrhoid commercials. The skit went on to introduce the “Black Approval Rating Scale” for the presidential candidates.

Unfortunately for Jen, Doug shows up at her apartment while she's on a date with a new guy and begs for her to take him back.

Watch the full video above to find out what Doug did to make Jen call it quits.

With hosts like Will Ferell, Chris Farley, Phil Hartman, Dana Carvey, Tom Hanks, Mike Myers, Billy Crystal, Bill Murray, Gilda Radner, Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Joe Pesci, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler and many more!

This collection of skits from Saturday Night Live doesn't have many good laughs, but there are some redemptive performers.

Russell Crowe played a vagina-obsessed German professor in a mock dating game show on “SNL.” While the two other contestants gave standard responses to a bachelorette’s questions on “Match Finders,” all of Crowe’s character’s answers were highly sexual.

\n\t Cold Open: The brilliant Kate Mc Kinnon led things off with her Hillary Clinton impression.

In this controversial sketch, unsuspecting men Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam, and Bobby Moynihan are introduced to their "second wives," who range from eighth-grader to unborn fetus.

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