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But in reality, you can see from the above pictures what attracted Harvey to Mary in the first place.

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“[We spoke about] housing for urban development [to] bring some positive change in the inner cities. He realizes he needs some allies in that department. But what people don’t understand is that Trump is a wealthy businessman who will do a lot for small business people. I ain’t been laughing that much the past few days they’ve been beating me up on the Internet,” said Harvey.

He seemed really sincere about it.” Harvey said he and Trump spoke about everything from golf to “Family Feud”.

If you have a pulse and an Internet connection, you’re probably aware that Steve Harvey committed one of the most awkward facepalms in history during last night’s Miss Universe pageant.

The comedian—who was tapped to emcee this year’s contest—accidentally read off the wrong name when it was time to announce the winner.

Shugart touts ideals that pay lip service to feminism: “MUO is a company dedicated to empowering women by instilling the message of being ‘confidently beautiful’ in their everyday lives.” And in a post for Bustle, Lindsay Denninger reminds us that this is a group of immensely accomplished women.

“They’re educating young girls on sexual health,” she Of course, Harvey didn’t admire these women for their immense contributions to making the world a better place but instead for their assets.[FYI: Harvey has been married three times and has seven children.From his first marriage, to Marcia Harvey, he has twin daughters and a son.After crowning Miss Colombia the victor, Harvey apologized and redacted the statement: The title was actually supposed to go to Miss Philippines.That moment when she’s forced to gingerly take the crown off Miss Colombia’s head might go down as one of the most painful in live television history.Harvey had a breakout season in 2013, being selected to play in his first Major League Baseball All-Star Game.

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