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This place is full of scammers all trying to get personal contact details eg. It seems to be impossible to cancel a subscription through their online site.

I cannot understand how they are legally able to...

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Ukafro dating review

Latest Review: ive been on for a short time a few months found nothing but models and scammers very rareley get replys most are very simular suppose they are computer generated still have got close to a meet...

Latest Review: If you are contemplating signing on to this site - dont! Latest Review: I joined this site for 3 months for a trail..

I know what you are thinking...another darn natural hair product!! Not gonna lie, when I found it was created by Softn Free.. All products are free from petrolatum, mineral oils, sulfates, phthalates, colorants or parabens. With regular use your hair will be deeply moisturized and frizz free. What I really like about this shampoo, is the smoothness.

I thought the same when I heard of Gro Healthy Shea&Coconut hair products. All of the products in the range smell absolutely lovely, so why not give them a try? COCONUT OIL EXTRACT: Moisturises, adds shine, helps fight frizz and helps promote growth. I don't know what ingredient it is, but this shampoo feels very moisturising in the hair.

The only problem I have with it, is that it takes a bit of a time to rinse out of the hair because of its texture.

Now onto conditioner, a naturalista's favourite product!

I was presented with the opportunity to speak with Channel 4 News about the politics of afro hair.

As you already know I am very opinionated and have shared my thought on this issue in the past at event, so I had plenty to say.

I like to change my style up now and again and rock different styles using heat.

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