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That is why, in the scientific method pioneered by Galileo and Bacon, the abductive stage of hypothesis formation is conceptualized simply as induction.

Thus, in the twentieth century this collapse was reinforced by Karl Popper's explication of the hypothetico-deductive model, where the hypothesis is considered to be just "a guess" (in the spirit of Peirce).

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Chips comprising 500,000 logic elements are the silicon brains inside cell phones, MP3 players, computer printers and peripherals, digital television sets, medical imaging systems, components used in transportation safety and comfort, and even building management systems.

Either because of their broad consumer proliferation, or because of their mission-critical application, the manufacturer must be absolutely certain that the device is thoroughly validated.

Some modern Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) architectures and standards are based on the dual model-based architecture, which defines two conceptual levels: reference model and archetype model.

Such architectures represent EHR domain knowledge by means of archetypes, which are considered by many researchers to play a fundamental role for the achievement of semantic interoperability in healthcare.

Large semiconductor companies spend millions creating new components; these are the "sunk costs" of design implementation.

Consequently, it is imperative that the new chip function in full and perfect compliance to its specification, and be delivered to the market within tight consumer windows.

What is sound is free from logical flaws or is based on valid reasoning: a sound theory; sound principles.

Something cogent is both sound and compelling: cogent testimony; a cogent explanation.

The validation method consists of reasoning on those ontologies to find modeling errors in archetypes: incorrect restrictions over the reference model, non-conformant archetype specializations and inconsistent terminological bindings.

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