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Once the rubbernecking is flagged up, they’ll seek to avoid knowingly and persistently doing something that’s disrespectful/hurtful out of respect for you and the relationship.It’s also basic courtesy when you’re out on a date not to eye up others. Claim that you’re needy and need too much attention.He tells me all the time how beautiful I am, and sexy, etc., and how lucky he is to have found me. The problem is, that whenever we go out, he looks at other women. I think that it’s rude to my partner, although I am tempted to show him how it feels! I couched it in a joking form, to make the comment, but let him know that I’ve noticed his staring. I didn’t ask him why, just said something to the effect of: “oh, it’s the beer in her hand you were looking at?! How do I avoid an argument that will be simply denial on his part, and be productive to let him know this really bothers me, that he goes out of his way to look/stare?

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Whatever the case, if you spot someone making the face at you or while looking at another person, understand what you have seen is more than likely the telltale hallmark of a person with an Anti-Social Personality Disorder — a person to be socially avoided if at all possible to avoid being targeted to suffer their wrath someday.

Sociopaths predatory stare techniques differ slightly from Narcissistic predatory stares. It’s literally such a powerful body language cue from a predator that prey can literally be transfixed, glamoured, or functionally mesmerized by their unnerving gaze.

Listen, if anybody in the world would be expected to defend an inappropriate flirt, it’s me.

I’ve toed the line for so many years that I don’t even know where the line is anymore.

I’m dating this man, who on many, many counts is really wonderful. He is also extremely clever with humor, and easily silly and good with the come-backs that are hysterically funny. It makes me question his feelings for me, and his comments that I’m so beautiful, and here he’s looking at all these other women. He’s told me many times that he feels that men are envious around him of me. He must have stared at this woman for 10 minutes before he said he wanted a beer.

He’s a very intelligent man, classy, generous, loving and not a womanizer. He gets so caught up in it, even while holding my hand and walking past shops, he’ll head into one, if he sees someone attractive inside. He’s even go so far as to look behind me to see someone again, and has looked long enough many times to make eye-contact. But it’s these long-looks, or just about forgetting that I’m there right next to him, that are really bothering me. I do get looked at often by men, but I don’t make eye contact like he does. I’ve only once made a comment about what he was looking at recently. Other than that, he seems oblivious to his behavior.

My brother is a bachelor Mr Unavailable and doesn’t do it because he doesn’t want to look like a creep. Assert that you have ‘issues’ that are creating the problem – ie the problem isn’t their actions, it’s your issues.

And maybe that’s something to remember: Blatantly checking out someone and rubbernecking is disrespectful to both parties – there’s a fine line between leering and rubbernecking and it’s not attractive. Say it doesn’t mean anything – it means something to you.

When a Narcissist looks at you, the more Malignant their nature the more likely they are to smile in your face then start hyper-emoting wildly to show their displeasure or distaste when and if the object of their attention looks away. Sociopath or “Psychopath Eyes” are simply different than normal people’s in the way they tend to operate.

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